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Roof Repairs

Roofs can be damaged with natural disasters or roofing material can decay over the time . If your roof has a problem like this and you need a Roof Repair, give Assa Roofing a call. Our experts will inspect your roof and will discuss different options with you and provide you with a Roof Repair cost estimate at no cost to you.


Most of the time we are able to make repairs to the existing roof, but if the roof is damaged too much with the natural disaster or material has deteriorated over the time Contact us for Roof Replacement or Re-roofing. We can explain to you about different roofing materials and their life spans. Assa Roofing provides 10 years workmanship warranty on all Roof Replacements.

New Construction

Assa Roofing has several years of experience as a Roofing Contractor for single family home construction or multi-family home construction. At Assa Roofing we follow all the zoning bylaws, building permit requirements, all residential subdivision controller guidelines and your color choices.

Torch On

There are many different residential and commercial roof options, it can be hard to decide which works best for you. Torch down is the most commonly used method for flat or slightly pitched roofs. These roofs feature a layer that is torch-heated, making the material solidify with the sheathing of your roof. This allows for a waterproof seal and extra protection from all types of weather. Call Assa Roofing for more information.

Skylight Replacement

Even a professionally-installed skylight can take a beating over the years. Our lower mainland weather is known for the ever-changing rainy weather. It can be unpredictable. A single rain storm could damage your skylight, leading to a leak. Our Assa Roofing technicians can repair the problem for you.

We service Aldergrove, Langley, Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Mission